Friday, 6 January 2017

Does Your Chiropractic Website Make The SEO Cut?

While SEO can sometimes give off a vague vibe, it’s important to realize that 71% of American adults search for healthcare-related information online. So, what does that mean? Well, it means that in order for your Chiropractic website to be found easily online, it’s vital that your website is properly optimized in order for Chiropractic SEO to work properly and give you the best boost for your buck. Otherwise, you and your business could suffer not only a drop in traffic to your website, but also a lack of new client intake as well. So, how do you make sure that your website is in top notch condition just like your Chiropractic business? The answer is quite simple and can be achieved by following 6 simple steps.

Step One, “Conduct An Audit Of Your Current Inventory.” Do this by going and checking out your current website. Look at the content, types of pages, and all the technical elements. See if they need to be adjusted and/or what updates and changes you think should be made. While doing this, consider these 3 key aspects.

1.      Meta tags & Body Copy. Make sure your content is original, relative, and informative. It needs to sounds natural, or Google may notice and give you the boot instead of a boost.
2.      Page Titles & Meta Descriptions. These bad boys are those lovely things that show up in search engines and give the user an idea of what your page is about. Make sure it’s well thought out. That way your page will attract a user to your site, and steal the attention away from a competing Chiropractic office. 
3.      Image alt-text. Despite what the Terminator movies have shown us, machines can’t “do it all”. In fact, search engines can’t see the images you post on your website, so it’s vital that you include an alt-text for every image on your site. This just helps seal-the-deal that the search engine will understand what the image is, and makes sure it gets where it needs to go.

Step Two, “Keyword Research.” This step is fairly simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, stuffing your website with keywords is for the dark ages. Instead, focus on long-tail keywords. Make sure they are what the user is looking for and not what you want them to look for. (There is no I in SEO.) Finally, your keywords should be specific and relevant to the services you offer.  Decide what makes your Chiropractic Office special and take advantage of it. Before you know it you’ll have clients lining up outside your doors.

Step Three, “Update or Redirect Old Pages.” This step should be looked at the same way as cleaning out a fridge or pantry. Just like food has an expiration date, so does your content. It is here where you will decide to update, redirect, or remove what has become expired or stale. By doing so, you’ll eliminate wasted space and/or keep your website from getting old and unappealing.

Step Four, “Mobile-friendly or Responsive Design.” Let’s be honest for a second. Pretty much the entire westernized world has some form of mobile device. So, what does that mean? You got it, you need a mobile friendly website. Otherwise, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it won’t rank as well, and users won’t find you. Also, breaking news, this just in folks, “Google officially announced a mobile algorithm update earlier this year. So, plan your new website accordingly or you’ll become a victim of “mobilegeddon.” (Gasp!)

Step Five, “Utilize Off-Site Sources”. This includes social media, email marketing, guest blogging, social book-marketing sites, press releases, and the list goes on and on. These are all very important factors that need to be considered in your SEO strategy in order to build brand awareness and boost intake efforts. Simply put, in this case the saying, “The more the merrier” applies tenfold.

Step Six, “Create a Seamless User Experience.” Honestly, no one likes it when a site isn’t user friendly. In fact, a lot of business can be lost simply because a website lacks appeal or is too complicated for your average user. People are your friends, so make your website friendly. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with what some refer to as “short clicks”, which tattle to Google and tells them that your website just isn’t making the cut.

So, to recap, while SEO isn’t always the easiest thing to grasp, these 6 simple steps can and will help simplify the process, make your website more desirable, and boost your rankings. And that, my Chiropractic friends, is how your website can make the SEO cut.